Welcome to Lubbock Urology Clinic!

Established in 1951, the partners of Lubbock Urology Clinic are Howard Beck M.D., Carl Britton, M.D., Jorge Brothers, M.D., K. Sonny Mahal, M.D., Scott Spore, M.D., and Girish Vallabhan, M.D. Also included in our provider resources are Chris Brown, PA, and Kathleen Gutierrez, NP. Our providers are active staff members of all major hospitals in Lubbock. Lubbock Urology Clinic continues to maintain a strong private practice of medicine in the field of Urology in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. We look forward to continuing working with individual practitioners and members of medical groups and to expand our relationships. We believe that private practice remains the best model to provide high quality, efficient, cost effective, and timely service and care for our patients.

Lubbock Urology Clinic has significant expertise in ALL aspects of urologic care- from pediatrics to adults, male and female urology, stone disease, oncology, incontinence, male erectile dysfunction, male infertility, female sexual dysfunction, female pelvis health, etc. Our physicians have considerable experience in traditional Urologic Surgery and have expertise and fellowship training including the newer minimally invasive techniques such as Laparoscopy and Robotics. Please remember our urologic team as the preferred option for all your urologic needs.